I spent my childhood beachcombing and planting trees with my Father near the coast of South West Scotland. Greatly influenced by my parents who were both Artists, I began expressing creatively through a variety of mediums such as wood, sea glass, stone, graphite, acrylics and oils.

Driftwood was the first thing I put on the lathe and turned it into a vase. That’s when I found my passion for Woodturning. I now combine my turning of wooden bowls with my artistic pyrography (woodburning). My style incorporates natural aspects of the wood such as bark and burrs along with spalting and organic irregularities. I choose to work mainly with locally found unseasoned wood. This allows the wood to move and reshape creating unique profiles unattainable on a lathe, ensuring each piece has its own identity.

Much of my work is in response to the rustic nature of the medium focusing on the natural grain. I study the flow of the lines and patterns to find the makings of a landscape, to then burn into the wood using the pyrography process. I love to burn trees, ferns, ivy and leaves emulating what I see in the woodlands, infusing the wooden bowls with their own original features. The tree design in particular has the effect of returning the wood to its original source.

Available Work

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